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Elmer Fishing Club was formed in late fall / winter of 1999 by some former colleagues from Örebro and Stockholm. Roger, Björn, Anders and Ronny were in Örebro and Roger and Uffe in Stockholm. When Roger, just for the fun of it, started to do a website for the fishing club – Uffe created a logo for the club and in doing so, Elmer Fishing Clubwas started.

The name Elmer comes from that section of the American Western television series 'Macahan' where Luke Macahan meets a sheriff by the river that is trying to catch his 'Elmer' – his dream fish. When he finally catches the fish, he kisses it, releases it back to the water and then he starts all over again trying to catch his Elmer.
Although the club from the beginning was more of a general fishing club, it has now became a typical fly fishing club. Through the years we have spread out a bit more over the country in Sweden and we now have members living in Örebro, Stockholm and Göteborg.




The founders of Elmer Fishing Club.
From left: Uffe, Björn, Anders, Roger and Ronny.

It was not until the year of 2001 where everything really took off. We made our first fly-fishing trip together to Sysslebäck at Klarälven. Since then we have made a lot of fishing trips together, mostly in Sweden.

During these trips and years, we have developed in different directions and it is precisely the strength of Elmer Fishing Club - we have become more or less experts in different areas like fly-tying, casting techniques, wilderness, photography and science. In 2003 we recorded our first new member since the start of Elmer. Magnus Mattisson was then joining the club and the summer of 2004, it was also time for Rikard Dahl to join up.
Anders Löfgren, Martin Jonsson and Kalle Eklund is now also members of Elmer.

From the start of Elmer Fishing Club, we have agreed upon that we should be restrictive about adding more members to the club. Since we basically are a bunch of friends who fish together, it is extremely important that members that want to join have the same attitude towards fishing and the outdoors, the right mentality and the right sense of humor to fit in.

Therefore, there are some simple rules regarding those who want to join Elmer:
- He or she must be recommended by one of the founders
- Should preferably join an Elmer Fishing Trip in order to meet the club and make it possible for the other members to know him for a few days
- Must have fly-fishing as the main fishing activity
- Must be able to be active in the e-mail and forum conversations that we have within Elmer
- Must be able to attend at least one Elmer Fishing Trip every year
- Last but not least important - he/she should have the right Elmer-spirit.

The five founders must always agree upon adding a new member and the founders may also at any time exclude a member if he or she doesn’t meet the above requirements. It may seem hard, but we are very keen on keeping the friendship and mentality within Elmer that we have built the club around.

In the current situation we do not know how Elmer will be developed as a club further on, but the basic idea of sharing a passion for fly-fishing will always live on regardless of how the club and everything around it will develop.

The future will tell.

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