History of the web

elmerfishing.com - A lot of years on the Internet!

Since we released our first version of the Elmer-web in 1999, it has changed both technical backbone as well as the layout few times.

Version 1.0 - Elmer logo created and hosting at Spray


The first version of the web was made by Roger. Uffe helped out and created the Elmer logo. In this time we didn’t have any internet domain registered and was hosting the site on a free web hosting company called Spray. Even in those old days, we did have the sections for EFC (Elmer Fishing Contest) and Photos.

Version 2.0 - Site on flash and more fly-tying


Then we signed up Uffe as a volunteer webmaster in mid 2002 and took out version 2 of the web. Shortly after, we did register elmerfishing.com as our main internet domain. Since Uffe was then experimenting very much in Macromedia Flash, the version of the site was created using Flash. In this version we started to focus more about general fly fishing stuff and outdoors and not so much about the Elmer fishing club. Sections like fishing trips, fly tying and the Chef's Corner was introduced.

Version 3.0 - HTML again and Outdoor section introduced


After the summer of 2004 we introduced version 3. Uffe was still the one to manage the site and now we went back to a HTML-based backbone. In this release we introduced a complete new section about Outdoor that Björn took responsibility for. We also extended the fly tying section and added more articles from our fishing trips.

Version 4.0 - CMS-system and Board Forum


In 2005, the web was rebuilt by Björn using a CMS-system called Mambo that later was migrated to Joomla. In this release we had support for Multilanguage, but most of the material was still in Swedish. We added video content; a lot more fly tying patterns and also introduced a Board Forum for all of our visitors to join up in discussions about fly fishing and outdoors. The number of visitors of the site increased heavily compared to the old days and people from all around the world joined up in the forum.

Version 5.0 - English site with new Joomla release

In 2011, the site was upgraded to a newer technical backbone using Joomla 1.5. The site now uses English as the main publishing language.


Version 6.0 - New Joomla release and skipping forum

In the very start of 2013, the site was upgraded to Joomla 3.0. Photo and Video gallery was improved with better players and support for mobile devices was improved. The elmerfishing forum was deleted due to very low interest and activity.


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