Solo trip to Rostu/Sandåslandet

I’m back now from a solo trip to Rostu/Sandåslandet in Nordkalotten, Sweden.

As usual, Kallax Flyg did arrange the fly out and pick up and it worked smoothly as usual. Thanks a lot Nina, Tony, Lasse and the others at Kallax Flyg.
The trip started a Friday evening with the worst possible start. I was exhausted due to not having eating enough earlier during the day and now I was out alone in the outdoors trying to get my tent and everything up. There was a LOT of mosquitoes, like it usually is, but it always takes a couple of days before I get used to ‘em so this evening was a pain – hungry, tired and a lot of mosquitoes. After a while, my Hilleberg tent was finally in place just beside a good lake with Arctic Trout. I have been here before so I know the fishing is good here. The lake was still and the fish was picking insects from the surface all over the lake. It was a beautiful sight!

But instead of fishing, I needed to prepare the tent and everything. So going inside the tent to prepare food, I realized that I was sinking! The place for the tent was badly chosen. For every move I did in the tent – the tent was sinking a bit. There was nothing left to do but to go out again and move the tent to another place. During this, I was so tired that I did a bad mistake and one of the tent bows broke and the bow made a big hole in the weave fabric of the tent. So instead of food and rest – I was forced to repair the tent….

About one hour later, the tent was in place, I had drunk a lot of water and also managed to get some food. After that, I just crashed inside my sleeping bag and was quickly in deep sleep.

After that terrible start, the trip went more smoothly. I fished in the lake and caught some Grayling, Trout and Arctic Trout. After a couple of days, I hiked with my camp to another lake. It was a lake completely with sand ground and some nice graylings.  It also had a small beach which was perfect for my morning bath! :-)

After a few days of hiking, I arrived to a place which so far is the dream place for me. It was a beautiful stream just beside a huge mountain where the snow hadn’t melted completely yet. The stream was deep enough to contain big fish and the water was crystal clear. The stream had sand and stone ground, so the fishes were very reserved. So in order to catch any fish, I was needed to sneak carefully towards the water and also present the flies perfectly. If done correctly, the fishes took the flies – otherwise they didn’t.

The stream was full of Arctic Trout and it was possible to see them swim around with their beautiful white and red fins.

The goal with my trip was to fish Arctic Trout and to find a dream place for fishing Arctic Trout in streaming water. In that case the trip was a completely success!

The largest catches on the trip where Grayling 1,25 kg, Trout 1,45 and Arctic Trout 1,3 kg. All of the big fishes where released again back to the water carefully.

Mentally this trip was however hard for me. I have been alone before in trips, but this one was harder for some reason.  So I was glad to meet 3 nice guys from Luleå in the end of the trip. Thanks PJ, Svenne and Vesslan for your hospitality! I also managed to fly home earlier than planned together with them, which was very nice.

Next year, I’m planning to go back. Hopefully, some other members in elmerfishing will join up.

Images from the trip could be found in the Elmer Picture Gallery.

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