First fishing trip in 2012


It was January 6 in 2012, a warm winter day and the snow was missing. I took the car to my favourite spot in Vättlefjäll just outside Gothenburg in Sweden to try the first fly-fishing this year. Hopefully there would be no ice on the lake.

After a while in the car and some hiking, I arrived at my favorite place and started to get all the gear in order. But it was very cold! The temperature was around 5 minus degrees Celsius and my fingers got cold very quickly when trying to get the fishing rod in order and to tie the fly on the line. But I finally managed and started fishing hoping to catch something.

But just after a few minutes, my fingers started to hurt really badly. The water was freezing on my fingers and when the ice was all over my hands – it was very hard to continue fly-fishing. After about 30 minutes, I gave up and got up from the water and had some warm coffee. It was very nice to be outdoors again, even though it was a bit early in the season…

After a coffee break, I tried to do some more fly-fishing, but it was too cold. At lunch time I started hiking back to my car.

To sum up, It was WAY too early. It is hard to do fly fishing when it’s minus degrees Celsius outside…

So I went back home dreaming about the summer and those incredible midnight-sun-nights in the northern Sweden fly-fishing for big trout’s...

For photos from the trip, go here.

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